Smokey's Fest 19' Rib Competition Registration

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Smokey's Fest 19' Rib Competition Registration


Smokey’s Fest 19’ is upon us, Saturday August 3rd! Join us for our annual “Rib Competition”!

Want to compete? $100 to join - Limited number of spots (20), we sell out fast!

Your $100 gets you into the competition Saturday August 3rd. Smokey’s supplies 15 racks of ribs and 1 turn in box to each team the morning of the event. Set up will be between 7:30-9:00am. Pit Master meeting will be at 9am sharp, ribs will be given out following the short meeting. Turn in time will be 4:30pm for Judging (6 bones).

The public will be able to purchase tickets to sample your ribs following turn in. Prizes are as follows:

$1,000 1st Place Judging

$500 2nd Place Judging

$500 People’s Choice

Everyone who is able to secure a spot will receive an email with the official rules to this event. Good luck pit masters!

Cheers friends!!!

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